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FUJITSU SPLIT A/C COOL ONLY (1000 to 1400 sq ft)

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Produced by Fujitsu

Technology Overview

The high efficiency of these systems helps them pay for themselves by slashing electrical costs. Strong, quiet and efficient DC motors are used both indoors and outdoors. High performance fan blades, condensers and evaporators combined with variable speed inverter-driven compressors makes for unmatched performance. Variable speed compressors automatically adjust to fluctuating room capacity requirements. 


The slim and elegant Fujitsu wall mounted ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are designed to be absolute quiet. Most of the operational sound load is kept outside with the condenser thus allowing the air handler to remains much quieter. Fujitsu's mini-splits have a high SEER ratings and are Energy Star qualified, meaning they save you money on your utility bill. Ideal for spaces requiring additional capacity but are limited on space. The flexibility of the variable speed compressor helps systems adapt to shifts in heat load by additional guests or afternoon sun.

Where Can Mini-Splits Be Used?

Older homes - New construction homes - Schools - Places of worship
Hospitals and medical facilities - Restaurants - Bars - Computer rooms
Hotels and motels - Car washes - Convenience stores

Weight:                                     119.00LB .
Cooling BTU/h: 24,000
Outdoor Design Temp F° DB/WB: 95/75

SEER: 17.5
EER: 10.0

Power Supply Voltage/Frequency/Phase 208-230/60/1
Maximin Fuze Size (Amp): 20
Indoor Unit Noise Level db (A) Cooling Hi/Med/Low/Quiet: 48/42/37/33

Outdoor Unit Noise Level
db (A) Hi/Med/Low: 

Indoor Unit Weight (Lbs): 31
Cooling Operating Range °F(°C): 14~115 (-10~46)

Moisture Removal Pt./h(l/h): 6.3 (3.0)
C.F.M. Hi/Med/Low/Quiet:
Outdoor Unit Weight (Lbs): 88
Refrigerant Piping Max Ht. Difference (ft.): 98
Refrigerant Piping Max Total or Combined Length (ft.): 164
Discharge Vapor Line (O.D.) inches: 1/4
Suction (O.D.) inches: 5/8
Refrigerant Type: 410A
Indoor Unit Dimensions WxDxH (Inches): 39-1/4 x 9 x 12-5/8
Outdoor Unit Dimensions WxDxH (Inches): 31-1/8 x 11-3/4 x 24-7/16